Security Services

Our team has years of experience in theoretical and applied cryptography and network security. Your data is safe with Ghost Creative.

Looking for advanced features not listed below? Reach out and let us know; we'll be happy to discuss with you. 


Enterprise user management

User authentication is all about managing access to your site. Applications can have many levels of permissions and authorization, and it is crucial that these roles are handled properly so that each of your users can only see or edit what they're allowed to.

If your site needs to authorize users, we will provide you with an admin panel with detailed data about site activity. 

Some of the many advanced security features we offer are:

  • Open authentication (OAuth) e.g. "Sign up with Facebook"
  • Fully customizable permissions systems
  • Use of cookies to enable "Remember Me" functionality
  • Force logout after a designated period of inactivity
  • Admins can view detailed information about user activity: last login date, total login count, etc. Admins can also freeze accounts
  • Secure password reset
  • 2 Factor Authentication


Online stores are frequent targets of cyberattacks, so it's vital that you and your customers are protected. Today's evolving threats to transactions and e-banking applications can be mitigated with the right combination of technologies. We take the necessary steps to ensure all financial data is secure and confidential, and that all transactions occur over an encrypted channel.

We will:

  • Utilize secure third party storage of credit card numbers and other sensitive information
  • Encrypt all stored financial data such as customer IDs and billing addresses
  • Obtain an SSL certificate for your site
  • Establish a secure HTTPS connection during all site activity. Users will see the green lockbox in their browser address bar. 
  • Set up automatic notifications to let you know when money has changed hands 


As health data becomes increasingly interoperable, so too becomes your cybersecurity responsibilities. Sharing data means acknowledging and sharing the risks inherent in protecting your users' data while maintaining a unified front against threats. If your site generates sensitive Personal Health Information (PHI), we will take the necessary steps to ensure full HIPAA compliance. 

Some of the ways we help ensure HIPAA compliance:

  • Encrypt all data at rest
  • Encrypt all data in transit
  • Encrypt server logs
  • Manage user and employee access to all data and web assets