Premium Services


Looking for a simple landing page to let the world know you're in business? Need an enterprise-grade automation platform? Ghost Creative has you covered.

We specialize in building sophisticated web applications using the most cutting edge technology available, so you know that your product will be fast, easy to use, and reliable for years to come.


Consumers and employees are relying more on their phones to get things done. We feel that it is vital for all modern businesses to be a part of this movement.

We'll advise you on a proper mobile experience for your users and employees, and implement it.

We ensure that our web applications are maximally functional on all screen sizes. Or if you're looking for a mobile application, we specialize in native applications for iOS and Android


If you feel that your technical systems are out of date or if they are the result of an ad-hoc reactionary strategy, we can help you get back in control. Ghost Creative will perform an over-arching analysis of all the software, tools, and personnel that make up your IT operations, and advise you on the best course of action moving forward.


Security is absolutely vital to any internet application. Whether you are processing financial transactions, storing personal health data, or simply authenticating logged in users, a strong cybersecurity foundation is the backbone of a safe, trustworthy site. 

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Service Packages


Once you reach out for a consultation and quote, we will get back to you with an in-depth proposal. Our free proposals will provide insight into how we believe your company can best use technology, as well as a complete overview of how the project will progress.

You can expect:

  • An outline of project milestones and a timeline of their completion
  • A detailed list of all functionality to expect from your site
  • A price estimate

All of our projects come standard with infrastructure setup, DNS, SEO, site tracking and analytics setup, responsive (mobile vs. tablet vs. laptop vs. desktop) testing, browser testing, and more.


For small scale projects and website monitoring, retainers are a great option. This option allows you to reserve a number of monthly development hours at an hourly rate. Any unused hours will be reimbursed at the end of the month.

This option is also popular for after a project is completed, to guarantee Ghost Creative can continue to dedicate time to enhancing your website, adding features and making content tweaks.