Creating beautiful, effective websites since 2015.


Our Mission

We believe the internet should be beautiful, easy to use, fun, and secure.

We apply these principles to each project we take on. We work with each client individually to understand what impact they want their business to have and tailor a digital experience around that impact. Our creative approach to problem solving helps our clients differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. 

We started with a high level understanding of what we wanted Telthera to be, but Ghost Creative worked with us day in and day out to fill in the gaps and develop a product that provides a unique experience for our customers.
— Dr. George Gavrila, Telthera Founder

What We've created

  • Simple splash pages and landing pages
  • HIPAA-compliant health portals
  • Full-scale e-commerce storefronts
    • Shipping and inventory
    • Custom analytics, reporting, and data export
  • Event ticketing platforms
    • Ticket reservation systems
    • QR code scanning
  • Fully functioning live text chat
  • Custom design solutions
  • Automated email communications systems